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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"Number two-hundred-and-seven."
Its scary to know how fragile life can be.

It was just a few weeks ago when he posts something silly on facebook; a few days ago since he talk to his besties or hangout in school; and only a few hours since he end his chapter on earth. He had been a friends' friend of mine, an acquaintance that i know and i never got the chance to get personal with but if i could know him better, he would have been a really good friend. Seeing all the facebook messages on his death stings and chokes me a little. He is only nineteen, barely passed the twenty mark. Life have so much more to offer to him and he is loved by the people around him, yet he could not enjoy and share the joy and sorrow of what he have experience with them.

It just scares me, and i'm overwhelm with this sense of dread. I had never really face death much in my life, other than my late aunt. Though i dont really know him, i had hope he wouldnt have end up like this. There is really so much he could do and achieve. He had yet to graduate, yet to enjoy the woes of internship, gone off for a torturous journey in national service, and much more.

Regrets always comes along in a package.

I regretted not being active in knowing him even though he is an acquaintance. Its sad, cause he wouldnt be around anymore. I can never get that chance.

Rest in peace, Issac Tng, the one whom i want to know but will no longer get the chance to. Hope that you are fine up there.
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