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"number two-hundred-and-four."
I had thought about doing a quick entry here before I fall into the mundane process of doing homework, with a question running in my head.

So, how many seconds does one have in their life?

For example, a man has a life span of eighty years. A day have twenty-four hours, and an hour has sixty minutes. That, would meant that a day, has a thousand four hundred and fourty minutes. Now, a minute has sixty seconds, so that would mean that a day has eighty-six thousand and four hundred seconds.

So, if a day has eighty-six thousand and four hundred seconds, so a year - 365days - would then have
thirty-one million, five hundred and thirty-six thousand seconds. Then multiple this humongous sum of seconds with eighty years, that would be 2522880000 seconds. Sounds like a lot eh?

Maybe man have done the math of their life before, that would then explain why there is so many of us wasting our life away when we could have done something useful or beneficial to people or ourselves in the previous second.

Seize the day, translated from Carpe Diem, quoted from Yong Junghyung of BEAST was something inspiring. To be able to make full use of what you have and be contented with it then live life to the fullest everyday is something that everyone wants to achieve but yet held their own hesitations and uncertainties. It is almost enticing to see how people often lecture others about how they should not be wasting their time drinking or fooling around while they procrastinate the moment they met an obstacle.

How can we stop that? Nobody knows.
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