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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"number hundred and ninety-six"
Well, hello. It's an understatement to say that it had been a long while since I came here because.. the last time I blogged here was during september, last year. Now that is way more than long while, it was 365++ days ago since I last blog here so it's effing long ago.

Life have been great to me, I suppose. I am still scraping through school, though sometimes barely.
My best friends are still around me, we still fool around a lot and laugh like hyenas without a care about the public(maybe just me).
I have lost some friends, gain back a few.
I still fight with my family members over the most trivial things, but we get back together again by the end of a drama serial.

I suppose life have been treating me well, yes.

Yet, I believe I have changed too. I would like to believe that I have changed for the better though I think I judge people more than I used to.

..okay, maybe I did not change for the better.

I might not be a perfectionist, but that doesn't stop me from trying to look for perfection in the certain details of my own life so I will be less imperfect. I can change things about myself, but it often take more effort to place everything in action then verbal. I often say that I should keep an open mind about the people around me, but I tend to end up thinking secretly that 'hey, I have a gut feeling that they are talking about me, seriously, and it might not be a good thing'. It can be quite a burden because, really, they might not have been talking about me but with my overly sensitive sense, they will really end up talking about me.

Twitter, have been the thing that was introduced to me by Claudine and Poh Yock during march last year.
I remember creating it together with the both of them at Claudine's aunt's house. The twitter name 'sehMEEc' was created then by Claudine who said that it sounds like 'sammie C' and everyone agreed to it. I would like to think that twitter have been the cause of all 'evil' because.. the indirect bitching that I have learn to pick up over the stretch of the couple of months, wasn't something that I think I should be proud of. In fact, I think I should be really ashamed of such behavior I have display because, it's something really immature and I am already close to 20. Yet again, if I had let all this infuse into my behavior, I should be questioning my own morals and personality instead of blaming people.

I think I can still fix that before it turns ugly. I mean, on the bright side, at least I know there is something wrong and I am going to rectify it, with all that I can.

I hope I can be the adult in future that I would not regret being. Life is starting, though it's okay to make mistakes and be sure not to err again, I don't want to have the ugly mark in my life that I will cringe when I am old and winkled, looking back at the things I do.

Well, time to work hard.
Good luck Sam.
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