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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"number hundred and thirty-six."
Well hello.
Don't you think that it was really a bad weather today?
Rain pouring endlessly,and today is mother's day.
I had to say this first,happy mother's day.
I love you mummy.

Tomorrow is school again.
Talking about monday blues all the time.
Mine definitely work well for me since monday is the longest day.
I have Art and i have not done my work yet.
Does it remind anyone the days in art class in KC?
The days where a particular J would look as haunting as ever,baring his teeth and oh-so-dramatic ways to make sure you do your work.
I remember he used to call me all those silly nicknames to rush me through my work.
"Miss chan,are you waiting for the sky to drop before you finish your work?"
"Auntie chan,stop talking and do your work!"
"Miss chan,finish that sketch you have been doing within five minutes and show me or else I'll tear it up.I'll countdown the time with my timer on my phone so start..NOW!"

..Oh how much I really,really am tempted to pull that sony ericsson phone out of his palm and throw it out of the window or the spiral stairs just steps away.But now that I'm here,sitting at the corner in my room,I realise how much I really want to thank him for those constant irritation he had caused to me back then.I might not even have the motivation to do well in my art or improve like how I am now,being able to grasp the techniques to doing my drawings now,even if its just fundamentals,and understanding what I really want to be like.
Thank you very very much,Mr J for being a bitch at times to me in school.
You really truely save my life a lot back then.
Thanks to you and everyone in Art Class'09,you guys truely make my day well through the hectic schdules and routine in KC lass year.

I wouldn't not forget the other teachers,Ms C,Ms T and all..
Biology wouldn't been something I would have thought I might pass if you hadn't been the teacher who taught me.Sorry I never seem to understand transpirational pull in plants and which enzymes break down what.You had been the most patient teacher with us that you could even crack Clara's brain with biology to let her get an A.You are truely amazing.

English hasn't been something I was good at since young.Yet,I was able to speak well now and notice the grammars more acurately,no doubtly all your effort.Sorry that I never seem to understand back then what was the proper usage over 'was' and 'were'.I definitely do understand well now,thank you very much.You are awesome,even if you don't believe you are godly in a way or another.

I found this draft lying around on my blogger post.
The days when everyone strive to do their art but I never remembered to post up.
I might post the video back then when we were scrubbing the sink.It was amazing,really.
Mariette!Do you want it?HAHAHA~!

13th to 14th August 2009
Can I just say that I believe that I had a 'wonderful' time of the week.
To begin with,I think I've done like around more than 24hours worth of art this week already.
The Art room seem to turn into my second house in school.tsktsk.
Had art camp yesterday till this morning.It was fun though it felt like a concentration camp.
Its serious!I'm not joking,its really like a concentration camp there.
Everyone in the art room are like almost tearing hair out painting our canvas.
Marietta keep complaining that her canvas look like cheese-cake canvas(which i think it looks cute).
I really think this year's art is really..memorable.
I think I've done all sorts of thing because of Art,seriously.
Pulling all nighters for camp doing art.
But i think the best was on thursday when Annabel and I stay back after school for art.
Its really funny you know.
I remember we both said that we will be staying back after school to do art.
I meant,there is night study that day so..might not let it go to waste isn't it?
So we stayed after school that day till 9pm doing art.
But with Annabel,we both had to go through some 'trouble' before getting set up and doing art.But I'm not complaining you know?Its really the process that I love.Yes,Annabel I love you okay?Thats only to pacify you if you ever going to read my blog.Back to what the 'trouble' was,actually..it was really nothing.I just wanted to make a mountain out of a mole hill.HAHA.It was just the moveable stand where we both place our art box,water,paints,platelets and whatsoever that we have.We both did the moving once when I arrive at the art room at 2:20pm on thursday,seeing that we literately have no space at Art room two which is upstairs.Staying downstairs to paint makes life so way easier.We have like soo much more spaces than we had before at art room two where we keep knocking elbows and screaming cuss since we are so cramped up there.
Moving down all our things,Jasmine and Marietta join in as well.Then Annabel got a little insane.I just don't understand why but she happen to have this crazy obssession with teletubbies.Singing that song to kill everyone's ears with it.
I became Dipsy.It was weird,being the green monster and all.
I truely pity Mariette,she was thinky-winky.But she fit the role well,yes.
Both Mariette and Jasmine left at 6:00pm,calling the end of the day.
Mariette had to run of for tution at 7:30pm whereas Jasmine had to run of because her brother wouldn't stop calling her for a game of badminton back at home.
Annabel and I packed up at 6:30pm since the auntie keep coming in to complain that we are hogging the place and she can't locked it.Both of us huff and puff our way to the gallery where we paint there till the end of night study.Believe me,after that day,we had to realise one fact.The lighting there at the gallery sucks.We can barely tell what the heck we had been painting and all.The day was a little wasted though,we did nothing much other than painting the same spot that we both thought we did rather badly in.
The second fact we realise after that was that staying back was easy,the leaving was hard.We did not tell them that we will be staying back,they do not have any clue that we had been upstairs painting all the while.We cleared up and went to the gate,just to realise that we need to sign out to leave the place.The only thing that we can do was to dump over bag over the gate and climb through.First hand experience was of course,amazing.Annabel climbed over swiftly,she was experience in this since every St. John camp had her clique and her to climb over the gate to go to the shop for late-night snacks.It was my first time doing this.Awkward was be the way to describe it.I climb over,grabing my bag,laughing with Annabel with my adrenline rush high then noticing that there was a couple that look like ghost opposite school staring at us like we were some unknown aliens.That night I slept late,adrenline results in sleep loss all the time.

The next day was the art camp.
It was cool,really.
Annabel made a fool out of herself at times but we really enjoyed ourselves really lot.
But I really felt screwed when I reached home,really.
Yet,at the end of the day,I'm glad to say this at times, I love Art.
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