I'm SAMANTHA/SAM/CARROT. Troll in specs, laugh like the world's ending and sarcasm-ception is my favorite storybook. A fangirl, a writer, a dreamer.
What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
#justFYI some blog entry are private for some reasons. Though this is a bloody mundane blog and there isn't much to read but if I hadn't told you the password before, it means that you are either not that close to me or i am obviously talking about you. Other than that, hello. And bye.
Feel free to hop off, I don't mind. Remember to come back from tea someday~
"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"number hundred-and-eighty-three."
Its ten-thirty now.
My head is really..trodding.
Can't deny that I'm really rather sleep deprived and I didn't do my VDT work today.
Only four boxes left~!
Lazy,really lazy.
I hadn't done any studying for my maths as well.
I'm not really a geek in a way or another.
The need to do well this time round is high.
I want to Ace my subjects but..stressful stressful.

School has just started two days for me.
I had mingle with my class for the past five days,including the orientation time(without those dears that decided not to appear during those time,orientation is the thing not to be missed).
They are really a bunch of funny people to hang out with,though i don't really like the vugularites at times.They make me want to say all those..*toot**toot**toot*
bad influence.
Now,a note to people whom knows my class:
whats with the "you like_____right?" "you and _______ got something right?"
i'm innocent like innocent man!
I just don't know why I talk better with the guys this time round.
I was the kind of people who will throw acid to this gender so I'm amazed by myself as well.tsktsk.
ANYWAY,thats not really the point.
The point is that they don't really take me as my gender so its like "hey bro!" kind of thing?
Stop saying that I like whosoever and whosoever,I'm innocent!!!!

I don't mind swimming the next time round babes.
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