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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"number hundred-and-sixty-three."
Hello there.
This few time being free and bored,give me the chance to do some thinking.
Actually,what am I going to do about my life in the upcoming years?
Its true that I am not interested in getting married and being tied down,but what am I going to do about the other aspect of my life?
I have seen my cousin who is already in her thirty-odds without a goal in her life,she does not have a proper job of her interest and she is not even settled down about thinking what she wants to do about the remaining half of her life.
Seeing her really creeps me sometimes,I really do not want to be like her.
Seeing her,I am really thankful that I have such a good unch of people with me.
Seriously,thank you.

To my-princess-who-never-pays-her-RPA-a-single-cent,Annabel:
Ahh,did I ever tell you that I always thought that god must have sent you to me as my nemesis since you could never stop asking me about all sort of things under the sky and to fix literately everthing for you?I bet I didn't because if I did,you would have probably pouted and whine a little saying,"I where got ask you everything?And god send me to be your princess,not your nemesis!"and the conversation should be something like that.Yet,amist all those lament of me resigning out of my pay-less job,I have to say thank you to you.Thank you for being dependance on me all this time,you made me felt that I can be useful to someone and I could actually help in a way or another.I use to think that I couldn't do anything because all the while I have been facing negative comments about the ways I do anything.You made me felt that,hey!I could do something right too! and it really felt great.Thanks a lot really.Remember the last year when I was facing the problems with my own clique of friends?Thanks for being there with me all the time,making me feel happy and love.Thanks to you,the final year in KC was made the most memorable.Never should we forget the time at the art room,those memories are amazing.HAHA!Thank you for all those support you gave me all the time.When I go to heaven,I will thank God for sending you to me as my friend.Maybe can ask him to consider letting me meet you again in the next life like how you said the previous time?HAHA.Thank you,really.

To my 'wife' and friend for twelve years,Queenie:
Yo my dear,I don't think you know about my blogger much right?I always told you about my LJ which is a deadified LJ.Can you believe it,its already the twelveth year of our friendship man yet I realise that I hasn't been the best of the best friend that you can ever find on earth.It has always been you the one who come to me when I wasn't feeling great and all yet I have never gone to you when you are feeling down and unhappy.I had been a bad friend isn't it?Thank you for all the care and concern you have given me all this while and I'm sorry that I haven't been the greatest friend who is there when you need someone to depend on.I promise I will be more hardworking than before,to know you even better and show you more concern okay?I love you,and remember that you have me here all this time and forever okay!

To my soulmate friend,Merrilyn:
Man,you are one hell of a person!I really want to thank God for letting me meet someone like you man.I always tell you that I love you right?All of those are true you know,never once a lie.Thank you for being my friend since secondary three,you are the one person who really change me quite a bit you know.I really use to be really crocky and irritating back in the first two years of my secondary life.I think I am still irritating now and all loud and a little crocky at times,but I really learn to be nicer,just like you!You are the one person who always understand me in whatever I say and do and you give me advice at times that you think you didn't but yet is the opposite.You always said that I am a person who gives great advice and care yet what I really believe is that you are that person instead.We have got to remain this close and even more closer than now for the rest of our life alright?My alienated friend who think alike and do alike with me,greatest friend and best unnie,Merrilyn yeong. (:

To my mummy-like friend,Joyce:
Hey woman,you are the first person other than my mother that I would want to dodge away when I do something wrong.Its not a bad thing you know,that shows how much I respect you.Thanks for the overflowing concern you always give me all the time,though I bet when you are reading this you would think that you didn't give that much concern but being there with me,providing me help when I need a solution for my problems,I really appreciate your presence there with me all those times.I am really glad that we got closer during our secondary three year.If we hadn't,I wouldn't have know how to face those dreadful situation without your help there.Thanks for all the fun we had together when we went and those silly faces you give me in maths class all the time.They were really entertaining when I was at the point of falling asleep.I love you lots,unnieeeeeeeeeeeee!!!I know you don't like me calling you that since I'm only two weeks younger than you but,unnieeeeeeeeeee!!!! (:

To my quiet friends,Qingyan and Melissa:
My dears ahhh,talk louder the next time when I see you two again and for the rest of the time when we will spend our lives being friends can?Yet I really love both of your quietness you know,you guys thought me to keep my volume down and help me think though most of things more clearly instead of rushng though them.I love you both,really.You guys have the slient humor do you know that?Its something like..charlie chaplin?Except his are all dark humor,you guys brighten my day up all the time when I meet up with you two.Remember,I love you!!!!And don't just 'ahh ya ya' me okay!HAHA!

To my enemy-to-friend,Oriana:
Ahh..this is the fifth year I've known you.Sometimes it is really hard to believe that we could be such good friends now,talking and laughing all the time when we were the ones fighting all the way back in our secondary school years.Amazing isn't it?I am glad to meet you though after all those fights,you are a great friend!You tell me funny things,treat me to all sorts of funny things here and there..another good unnie to me.We shall keep all this up okay?I will learn to be a better dongsaeng to you,to make you laugh even more,to feel happy that you have me in your life.

To my dearest Om,Lisa:
Omma!How's my Appa?HAHA!Okay okay,you know what om?You are the best Om I have ever met so far in my eighteen years of my life,always leading and teaching me things everytime i meet up with you.You gave me comfort back then when I'm down or angry at certain people or things.When I'm bored,you will entertain me and keep my sprits high.You are great,really.Sorry that I have not been a very good Dal to you,not going for services when I actually already promise you,not replying your messages when I already seen them and yet didn't reply.I promise that from now on,I'll strive to be a better Dal to you,will go for services when I promise you that I will and will keep your messages on my first-hand priority to reply.Love ya always! (:

To my crazy-and-humorous-buddy,Pohyock:
Yahhhhh,this is the sixth year we have been together as friends!Man,this six years have been the time of my life!Always looking forward to going to school to meet up with you and the rest,to play and to study together!You have been a great table-mate for all this years together,you unknowingly entertain me when lessons have been rather boring,helped me when I was about to get annoyed with answering questions and listen to my problems when I need someone to talk to!You are cool even if you don't think so!Sorry that I irritate you at times when I fool around too much or when I was too loud for your likings.I will work hard to be less noisy and be more sensitive towards your feeling.Lets stay this way all the time okay?♥

To friends-whose-minds-ain't-meant-to-be-understood-at-times,Joan and Joanne:
Ahh,this shows how similar you two are most of the times you know.Both your names have the first four letters spelt in the same alphabets,you two think almost alike and you two acts almost alike.Gets me envious at the way you two work together at sometimes,HAHA!Thanks for being there with me at times,getting me interested and some educational talks about *ahem**ahem*.You guys will never fail to kick the laughing homones in me to get me rolling on the floor,choking with laughters.Though we ain't very close now since I could almost never get a hold on where on earth are you two,but I really treasure the both of you as my friends.Sorry that I was loud all the time,I will do my best to not blow your ears off all the time when I'm with you both okay?Stay as friends all the time alright?And Joanne!When are we going to see Yoochun,Junsu and Changmin?!And we are suppose to go korea this year end,you can't reject this offer. (:

To the-friend-who-thinks-i'm-her-guardian-angel,Guimei:
Hey there theodore's mummy!HAHA!I saw that on your msn nick actually and we only had each other's email address after being in the same secondary school for five years,we are truely amazing.HAHA!I am grateful that I got close to you this recent year and it had really been a pity that we didn't get to talk much during the past few years in KC.You are definitely one of the kindest person I have ever seen after meeting so many people in my life.You said once before that I was like your guardian angel,taking care of you and showing you advice about what to do when you are at a point of being helpless yet actually,you seems more like a guardian angel,being so gentle and kind all the time to anyone,even if they had done bad things to you all the time.So kind and forgiving,I could not have been like that if it was me in your shoe.You make me feel that I should change to be more like you.Lets constantly stay together alright,even though we are at different school yet the same campus.Love you! (:

To the many others out there in my life with me right now:
Though I could not name all of you out individually,I love all of you and thank you for being there with me at the different point of my life,helping me out with everything and all.I really appreciate your help and thank you alot,alot. :)
Though I don't know if any of you would read this here,but I sincerely thank you for being here all the time with me and,I really love you all. (:
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