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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"number hundred-and-sixty-seven."
I know this is not good.
blogging when it is reaching 0100 in the morning?
Hell yeah no.
Well,I don't think I even dare to sleep much if I'm not do with my work.
How great huh?
I really have the feeling of regret for agreeing to this whole project.
I should have known my own limits isn't it?
Afterall,I wasn't a person that could really stick myself to all this promise.
And I'm not that independent on myself.
Yet,if Mr J were to hear or read this,he would probably say..
then its a good time you start learning to be independent.
nobody is going to be there clearing your mess at the end of the day anymore.
You have to go through this eventually.
Ahhh,its not like I didn't understand that.
Its just that..I don't want to face that.
Okay,I admit,I would rather run away from responsibilites than facing them.
I do not have the courage to do that.
A good challenge for me to learn this isn't it?
tsktsk.But I'm still afraid that what I'm doing will not meet what they really want in the banner.
What if I don't do well?
What if I don't meet their expectation.

Then suddenly Mr J's words came into my mind again.
Stop thinking of what if and do what you believe you should do.
Plan everything step by step and do it.
Just like when you are sketching,you make mistake and amend it along the way.
Nothing should be able to stop you from changing mistakes unless they are irreversable.

Talk about how much I remember his quotes and phrases that he uses during Art.
He is probably one of the very few teachers that really make an impact or making me thing about what I am suppose to do to improve on the way I should be living my life.
Definitely thankful for all his scowls and frowns and tearing and scorning aat me for the infinity times in school.
He definitely make me think more in my nutcase brain.

I think I better go to sleep.
My mother is right about sleeping late.
I could probably gain another advance year or two in looking more mature than I ought to be at the rate I'm going.
Night and ciao.

All the best to myself and making banners.
I might have to wait up before dawn to do again.
Talking about little sleeping hours.
Gosh..I better hope they accept it tomorrow.
And for the last time,goodnight and ciao.
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