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What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
四目交接的时候 不要停留太久
适可而止的问候 关心不能太过
好奇也别去探索 妒嫉只能深锁
如果忍不住寂寞 也不能对你说

啊 好朋友 啊 我的好朋友
不小心的沉默 不想让你太难过
什么会多一些 什么会少一些

就让别人去猜测 我们清白的很
就让自己去承受 那种清白的闷
就算我只是朋友 能不能有要求
如果会发生什么 也是我想太多
啊 好朋友 就只是好朋友
不小心说出口 微笑中藏着难过
要是我爱你 变成了利剑
什么会被消灭 什么才会复原

那是我的底线 继续将你暗恋

张智成 《暗恋》

I know its a bit old.
please,i hadn't been listening to CPOP for quite some time already.
I wouldn't have know this song's prescence if Mel hadn't introduce me the song.
Yes,this is pathetic.
But i seriously think that this song is amazing.
Watch the MV as well.
I kinda think the MV kind of make his image change a little.
Mel was right,the MV was pretty gay.
He being a gay is quite amazing.I never thought he look like one.
But nevermind all that,not as if that was for real.
tsktsk.ciao-ing soon.
I've got work tomorrow.
Still regretting a little.
Told ZQ about me unable to go for the sentosa trip earlier just now and he was like..
"where can like that 1.."
I didn't want that to happen to you know.Who ask I agreed to it.damn.

My mother is making lot of noise again.tsktsk.Time to go offline I suppose.yahh.tsktsk.
the MV!
I can post up a link or the MV itself though.Sometimes I think blogger is a sucker.

it works right?okay okay.

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