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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
I think having a blog tagboard is really a waste of time.
Come on,who visits my blog?
Then sometimes..
I think having a blog is a waste of time.
come on,I only blog once in a blue moon!

So sometimes,its redundant to come here anyway.
Myabe i'm talking all this nonsense because I'm sick.
Fever and cough.
Torture man.

Sometimes,I think i'm used.
I used to have a friend whom I know since primary school.
Whenever she has her clique,she takes me like a junk.
She gossips about me to her clique member who obviously has some issue about me.
And the best part is,what on earth are the issues?
Thats why I occasionally think they are just a bunch of bimbos.
She doesn't do anything to savage the situation,to place in some good words that i'm never that kind.
I reeally don't understand whats her problem.
Yet,when she needed me because her clique decided to abandon her big time.
She come literately crying to me,saying that at the end of the day,i'm the only one true to her.
However,did she remain true to me?
well,she didn't.
Everyone tells me to tell her get the hell out of my life but i didn't.
I suppose i am too naïve,to believe her over and over and over again.
And she didn't stop to insult my trust for her.

I think sometimes,she didn't conside my feelings.
I know,I really know all her actions are always accidental.
But i couldn't help to wonder did she ever consider if i'm okay with what she do.
There was once she asked if i'm going to have lunch at one,since she is having her break at one.
In a way she would have a companion to keep her accompany for lunch.
I didn't had a choice but to disappoint her since mine was at two.
And all she mention was: "gosh,i'm going to have lunch ALL ALONE"
The moment I told her that I,have been having lunch all alone since the day I went to work,
All she could say was: "huh..really?I didn't know.."
well,that sums up that the concern you gave and have for me,wasn't enough.
I didn't know what I could say back then.

My mother said that in this society,to be able to find what true friends really are,
the chances are slimmer than 0.1%.
I don't want to believe her,really.

I was taken back by my best friend today.
I know I own her money but..using the word "god damnit",
creep me out.
For a moment,I thought she wasn't who i really know.
The moment I explain to her that I couldn't do what she need.
She said that I need to relax and don't get worked up.
please,who was the cuprit.
She freak me out.
For a moment,I thought she was the other person who does what she did now.
I know she is accidental with what she say and what she meant.
But my feeling was negelected.
It was like,she need what she really need and forgot that it was me that she was asking.

I really don't know what I can do.
I really don't know.
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