I'm SAMANTHA/SAM/CARROT. Troll in specs, laugh like the world's ending and sarcasm-ception is my favorite storybook. A fangirl, a writer, a dreamer.
What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
#justFYI some blog entry are private for some reasons. Though this is a bloody mundane blog and there isn't much to read but if I hadn't told you the password before, it means that you are either not that close to me or i am obviously talking about you. Other than that, hello. And bye.
Feel free to hop off, I don't mind. Remember to come back from tea someday~
"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"number hundred-and-thirty-five."
I'm tired.Really.
Life been a drag lately.
Due-dates are coming everywhere as well as those undesirables.
That would meant that my secondary life is coming to a complete stop soon.
Thats fast.
It goes the same to everyone isn't it?
In another 6 months and 5 days,it would be the beginning of my adulthood.
How quick isn't it?
Life goes on like the wind.
Maybe before you could even realise it,life is just saying goodbye to you and death are sitting there,grinning like a chesian cat,ready to collect you off to somewhere else.
The thoughts scares me sometimes.
It just like realising that time is running up and there is still tens of million things you have not done.
Time to work doubly hard already I guess.
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