I'm SAMANTHA/SAM/CARROT. Troll in specs, laugh like the world's ending and sarcasm-ception is my favorite storybook. A fangirl, a writer, a dreamer.
What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
#justFYI some blog entry are private for some reasons. Though this is a bloody mundane blog and there isn't much to read but if I hadn't told you the password before, it means that you are either not that close to me or i am obviously talking about you. Other than that, hello. And bye.
Feel free to hop off, I don't mind. Remember to come back from tea someday~
"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"number hundred-and-ten."
Hey there.
I know I should be sleeping at this time,i mean,its already 11.22pm?
Yeah,but there isn't school tomorrow.
I suppose I can enjoy the young night?

I believe my mother will kill me.

Currently sitting here,trying to fix a problem I have.
I really do not know how to use the audio mixer that I've downloaded.
Really,its killing.
I think I need merrilyn to teach me how to play with it.
Maybe she could if she wants to.
On tuesday?She is coming over.
That would mean 'spring cleaning'.
My room looks as its the aftermath of a nuclear bombing.
(Read the news on NK and nuclear bombings,not really a nice sight.)
I wonder would I survive doing that.tsktsk.
I hope I do..

I'm tired.
Feel like its time to go to bed.
night there.
My favourtie song?
First time when I kissed your lips, you were a loveable
It was bright snowing day when our love began.

Girl they just don't understand, not even a clue
So girl I wouldn't stop. I'm the one who will be right there

(Lets stay together)You Are my girlfriend
(It feels like heaven.)I love you. I do love you so
Just walk with me till the end of times yeah
So let me be of your mine! Just let me please you!

I'm just tryin' to say how much I do love you
I've been tease you so long that was my bad expression to you
For just now. Sitting here. Get relax. The day you gave me a blue
tumbler like a puppy lover
Yeah~ with this coffee sweet imagine our future marriage
and gettin associated.
So girl listen to my heart wouldn't change.
Maybe my love is bigger than the Ginger bread man's vitality

Baby~ Good morning everyday I woke up with you with a lovely call.
I didn't know how to (cook but I can make a song).

Girl they just don't understand. Not even a clue.
So girl I wouldn't stop. I'm the one who will be right there.

(Lets stay together)You are my girlfriend
(It feels like heaven.) I love you. I do love you so
Just walk with me until the end of times yeah.
So let me be of your mine! Just let me please you!

Everything will gonna be fine.
God gave me answer of my life.
Look at me girl
You're lovely I can tell so
One day it will come true. Baby never gonna make you cry.

(Lets stay together) Girlfriend
(Hold on together) everythings all right
Till the end of times baby
Leave the passed behind

You're always my girlfriend
Yeah~ I do. Love you so much I do baby
Just walk with me follow me
Of your mine just let me please you

I love you baby

Park Yoochun's My girlfriend.
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