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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"number hundred-and-fourteen."
Hey there.
I have to say the usual.
thats not a good sign isn't it?
And moreover,i'm famished.
Thats even worst.

Made a trip down to parkway earlier on with Guimei.
Both of us had a lunch date together at Macs(that wasn't the best place but we wanted to eat so yah)
I know we look queer going out together for lunch date.
I meant,who on earth would think that Samantha and Guimei would go out together?
I don't think anyone other than those who knew that we got closer this few days.
Some didn't understand so I wouldn't blame them for their assumption.
Back to the topic,both of us went to NTUC.She wanted to get her shower gel refill.
Palmolive.Thats that brand.
Both of us was literately flipping the soap and shampoo section but there wasn't the refill.
Then I notice a soap that is so intriguing to me,really.
Chocolate tuffle shower gel from natures organics.
You wouldn't believe it,it smells exactly like Chocolate.
I had to buy it,really.Makes me feel like I'm indulging in chocolate when i'm bathing.
Guimei suggested Giant after that,I didn't reject to the idea.
I'm so excited to bathe in it after that.Just hope that ants wouldn't find me after that.

Giant had the refill but she got hook onto the other offer there.HAH.
Olay was giving her such temptation that she can't resist.
HAHA.Change of course then,obviously.

Now here I am,bored.
And still famished.
I shall look for food then.
see ya for now.
Oh I'm so in need of lyrics.HAHA.

He's my hot man.XD
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