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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"Number ninety-six."
Hi,i am suppose to post something happy today.
I promised Lisa to do it and I forgotten about it till just now.
I'm sorry my firend.

I actually,have nothing much to say.
But i'm really glad to an extent that my day wasn't ruin.
She is talking perfectly fine to me today.
Yet,this don't happen in school which,of course puzzeled me.
I really love it when she starts talking to me again.
But I'm really confused at the way she answers me in school.
Maybe she just wanna like..i don't know.
I can't read her mind.
I just don't know what she wants from me.
I told Annabel,she mention about letters.
And i wrote one,ready to give it to her after school.
But i chicken out.
Cos' she started talking to me like nothing had happen before.
And I don't want to spoilt that atmosphere with my pathetic letter.
I suck big time.
She notices me in school still.
But she just don't talk that much to me anymore.
Even when I sit directly infront of her.
I really want to talk to her but i don't know what to say..
Aish..this is darn frustrating.
I have nothing to comment.
Hope everything would turn out fine.
English to chill out with.
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