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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"number ninety-seven"
I'm feeling rather jubilant today.
Gotten my piano grade five results back.
I was so afraid that i screw it up you know?
But you know what?
I got through with a merit.
I really can't believe it man.
Its like..too good to be true.
It is the truth anyway,i'll gladly accept it.
Bought Tohoshinki's album today again.
I got 2 exact same album now,except one is with DVD and the other isn't.
Spend 16bucks on it.
Okay,because Sembawang is having 50% sales today so being cheapo,i went in and bought it.
Yes,the original price is 32.95 with i would have no intention of getting after looking at the price.
For that,i'm glad.
Thanks for the day man.
Lasalle was fun.
I did some drawing,again.
But it was better than staying in the art room drawing.
Its less stressful in Lasalle,drawing.
Maybe thats not my school so i need not hand in as assignment so,no feeling about whatsoever that i was drawing.
I was drawing Yvonne at a matter of fact,and it look horrible.
Both of us was laughing when we saw our work.
But we went hysterica when we saw Farah and Delicia's work.
Now we fully understand why they are in F&N.
Anyway,i'm ciao-ing.
I want to talk,play and love my internet.
I shall play with HTML again.
Change blogskin time~!
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