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"number hundred-and-three: My Love ♥"
Hi there.
I'm actually in the midst of doing my art.
Its getting nowhere actually.
I believe its friendship week this week,
I can't remember the acutal day actually.
I guess I do have some stuff that I would want to tell to those that I want to treasure in my heart.
I have a lot acutally.
To my dearest clique members.

i. Melissa,the monkey-lover.
Hey girl!You know what?It was great knowing you for the past one year and 3 months.I could still remember the time when I first saw you in 401.You look so quiet(its not that you are not quiet to begin with..) and alone!After knowing you better,I realise that actually,you are quite wacky and funny(not mention the fact that you are quite dorky at times).I really hope that we can remain friends like this forever and do keep the passion of loving monkeys!HAHA.

ii. Merrilyn,the hypteractive.
Heyo man!I have to say that with you around,it will never be a quiet moment to begin with.I'm not saying that you are too LOUD or anything,what I am saying that its really good to be with you.You are fun-loving and I do not have to worry anything cos' half or three-quarter of the time I would be spending on getting the laughing gas outta me!You are really a person that can't be missed out.So do hold on to your wackiness and never let go of them no matter what alright?Love you and love me back too!

iii. Claudine,the ever-motivated-to-study.
Yo there.Seeing you ever motivated to pick up the books and study or going to the extent of attending councilling to know more about yourself makes me rather remorsefull that I'm not living life to my fullest and knowing myself that way I should.Don't tell me that I'm smar without studying cos' I really ain't.Its been a pleasent time knowing you since sec 2(though I believe at that time,you and I must have dislike each other to guts.HAHA.),you are like the one of the few that I would want to find when I need help in certain stuffs(not as if I don't find the other seven though..) and you really make me feel less like a small kid(not that merrilyn has been helping me in that.).I really appreciate your presence all the time!Do remain there alright?Smiles~!

iv. Joyce,the one-not-to-traut-with.
Don't mind the title girl,its all for joke so don't poke that 'cross' on your head with the thought of giving me a tight slap.Its not good for health to be so violent you know..HAHA.Alright,I have to admit it,you are the one with my fullest admiration.You are the one that I would look for everything when something pops in my way and I have no idea what to do with it.And thank god you are always there for me when I needed you as well!I really love the fun we had for the past 2 years and 3 months and I really,really hope all this would go on and on forever.I have to say I'm sorry for all those immature things I have done all this while that upset and anger you.You would take it to heart right?Thanks for all the moments and love you!Love me back as well too!HAHA.

v. Joan,the blurest owl you could find on earth.
Hey blur queen!Don't tut me cos' everyone would say the same thing as well.HAHA!But thats your trait,everyone loves you for being so blur,so Joan!And its not really that fair that anyone as blur as you are so freaking smart.TSKTSK.HAHA.You are the one that I would be silly with,you are always there to let me play a small little trick and be too oblivous to realise about it till I tell you.Don't be so obssess with angmos man!I'll get you one for your eighteen birthday so be patient alright?HAHA.Don't sleep too late everyday alright,not good for health.Anyway,I really love your companion all this while and be there all the time alright?Smiles~!

vi. Poh Yock,the ever-messy.
Aww,yock,you know I love you to really meant the title.Thinking back,you have always been the one there for me,through thick and thin man!For all this while,thanks for all the support and trust you place in me!I really meant so much to me,nothing on earth could replace it girl!I love you,really love you.We must remain like this forever alright?You're the best. :]

vii. Qing yan,the expressionist.
You know what?I should really take a camera and snap ever different express you make everyday.I could really make a book college out of the expression you make every now and then.HAHA.You are special my friend,the girl who work her guts out everyday in school pay attention to everything and being so..innoncent(compare to all of us..you are innoncent)Its fun being with you the slient one.Make me feel that I should maybe learn to talk like you so I wouldn't irritate Joyce out.HAHA.Smile and I love you!

viii. Joanne,the JJ-lover.
I believe when you are reading this you would understand the title(I meant,who doesn't?).I really have never seen anyone like you.You have the weirdest and wildest thoughts I believe a human has,let alone a just-turned-sixteen-for-the-past-three-months teenage girl.You are queer and speaks the most alien and random things ever on earth,or in my perspective.And you are loved.By me.HAHA.Keep up alright?HAHA.I really love hanging out with you,really.

Alright,I'm glad that I've finished doing this.
Love everyone I have know and really hope all this maintains.
I'll write bout the others tomorrow.
I'm shaggggggggggg. :|
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