I'm SAMANTHA/SAM/CARROT. Troll in specs, laugh like the world's ending and sarcasm-ception is my favorite storybook. A fangirl, a writer, a dreamer.
What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
#justFYI some blog entry are private for some reasons. Though this is a bloody mundane blog and there isn't much to read but if I hadn't told you the password before, it means that you are either not that close to me or i am obviously talking about you. Other than that, hello. And bye.
Feel free to hop off, I don't mind. Remember to come back from tea someday~
"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"number hundred-and-seven."
Hi there.
I'm currently suffering doing literature.
Because I was being naïve,I believe in the wrong person.
I chose to gave her a chance,even though when I first got her in my group,I know its the end-product.
But I believe in her you see.
I wanted to see her determination to strive for a better results for herself,
or at least,change the image I have for her.That laziness,I believe,will get her to her own doom.
But in the end,she proven me otherwise.
She had proven to me that the fact is I was a fool in trusting her.
She had proven to me that the fact is I shouldn't give her a chance at all.
And now I'm stuck with her work as well.
I'm not going to pull my group to doom along just because she ain't cooperating.
I would just have to tell the teacher she ain't working along with everyone.
She didn't do her part,so its the end.I'm not going to be nice at all.
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