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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"number seventy-two."
I didn't bother typing korean now.
Did i mention that i'm feeling very fed-up and irritated?
Nah,I didn't.How silly of me.
I just started typing.
I'm irritated.Very.
And,trust her to bring my sprits down.
Its always her.Always.
I don't know why.
I think she's my nemsis.
There to make sure that i'll feel unhappy.
I loathe her.Really.
The feeling is the same towards the so-called friend of mine that i've known for years.
I loathe her.Yes.
Incident #1:
She's there to destroy my sweet sixteenth birthday.
Bring her friend whom I only know less than a day.
I told her not to bring,she insist.
That was my birthday.Mine.
But she insist.
And I didn't feel good that day,uneasy.
Incident #2:
She was there to disclose the surprise that I was anticipating for days.
My birthday present,from my two best friends.
It was a jacket.From IP ZONE.
Joyce and Merrilyn knows my fantic towards jackets.
I have tons of them at home.
So they got one for me,without my knowledgement.
Everyone knew that it was a secret.Even her.
But she told me.In a way that she thought was just..accidental.
But did anyone tell her that she was awlfully fake?
No,nobody wanted to hurt her feelings.
So she told me like this:
"hey sam.what do you want for your birthday?"
"it can't be anything..and i hasn't gotten anything for you"
"how can it be alright?Everyone got you something.."
"do you love jackets a lot?joyce and merrilyn told me that.."
"now i understand why joyce and merriyn bought you a jacket.."
"what you didn't know?opps!I'm sorry i slipped the surprise out.."
Damn the faker.
Incident #3:
Merrilyn's birthday is arriving.
She says that she know merrilyn so much way longer than us.
She,used to be very close to merrilyn.
She,only remembered to call joyce regarding merrilyn's birthday party just a few hours ago.
She,didn't prepare a single thing for merrilyn.Even her present.
How sincer she is,really.
We,on the other hand,know her only for two to three years.
We,on the other hand,is very close to her to the extent of going out with her almost everyday.
We,on the other hand ,remembered her birthday months ago and even started planning her birthday party a month before hand.
We,on the other hand,took a day out and prepared everything,from her present right down to the party games.
See the different?

I can't stand her really.
I really hate her prescence.
It inks me alot.
How the way she reacts to everything..
How she talk in her so-called cute way..
How she fall in love with the things that we are in love with..
It just inks me.Really.
She's such a spoiler.
I really loathe her to the core.
She totally spoils the mood.
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