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I hasn't been blogging a long time.

All my blogs been on a hiatus mode.

Didn't have the mood to do any blogging anyway,wasn't feeling rather well so didn't want.


Mood swings.

Today's my brother's advance birthday celebration.

Seems too early to be remembered.


I'm a bad sister.

napun unnie.tsktsk.


I do have lots of things i wanna mention though.

but can't.

its just weird.

maybe another time.

till then.


PS: did i say that there was this new band that debuted during may?

they are damn cool.

alright,i admit that there was a period where i didn't really like them.

They are like..horribly skinny.

They are like even skinner than me.


But their voice i really nice,no doubt.

There is this song, 누난 너무 예뻐(replay).

Listen,they are different from 동방신기 and 슈퍼주니어.

Its like,you can't really compare them together because they are of different range and genre?

But listening to them makes you feel so..genuine,like so artists,the way they sing,sound so artifical.

But listening to them get a different feeling.

Its like they are unique.

Alright,all ARE unique,동방신기 are unique,슈퍼주니어 are unique.

Its just different.

And oh!I didn't say who they are,maybe many will know through that song '누난 너무 예뻐(replay)'.

Yah,they are SHINee[시니이].

Their first album are out,do go get it.

Its really nice,just pity that i can't get it in singapore.

like 동방신기's album,i have to go to gramphone to get it after a long long time later.

irritating you know?


Back to the songs,my personal favourite is 'In my room'.

Its damn nice!Really!


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