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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
Hello there.
This is the day,today's my first prelim paper.
The paper that i didn't like doing the most,Social Studies paper?
I have no mind for social studies.I just don't know what i have for anything in books.
Okay,as in topics need for exams,like for English,chemistry,biology,literature..
Just in conclusion,I'm dead-meat.
So i was in school this morning,going for my paper.
So just imagine this..

A girl sat quietly in the hall,biting her end of the pen.Quickly took a glance around her,all she saw was people mugging their head real low into their paper,fighting diligently(or struggling,which she do not know which) with the paper.She look back down onto her own paper,scibbles and 'chicken scratches' everywhere.She cursed sliently to herself.Her mind is in a horrible mess,bits and pieces of informations and facts swirl everywhere.She just can't grab any bit of it.Groaning quietly to herself,she plunged back down into her paper,and start scribbling all over again till the teacher announce the end of the paper.

How great huh?I just wonder whats the fate of that paper,an A-plus or a F-minus.

Friday's my English prelims.
I just wonder how on earth am i going to fare for it.I really want to get a A-plus for English.Dying to get one.Just wonder will be possible,for me,at least.After that?Class photo-taking.Finally man,i was still wondering when will it ever come.And i want to go back to choir and get my photo taken.HEEHEE.I'm lame i know.But i want to go for all.After that will be Joyce's house.God knows what are we going to do but yah,i know its going to be fun.I just love playing with them.Fun-loving people?Yeah..

I always wonder what will happen after graduation.
I cannot not think about it,graduation is in another year's time.
You can't deny that a year passes very fast.
What are we going to do?As in,what are we going to turn into?
Going to our own polytechnic choices,doing our own courses,fooling with our new-found friends..
Then a few years down the road,when we meet each other again somewhere in the world,what will be our reactions?
Say hello,give a smile and walk away with your new friends or we'll ignore the prescence of the person and carry on walking like we have never knew each other before?
Its just horrifying to think of the possiblity of us,without each other.
Am I just too sentimental?
It make me feel that i would rather not get graduated.
I'm afraid.And i don't like it.

Can't wait for joyce to turn to her eighteenth years-old,she would then FINALLY be able to go on holiday man.We've been planning for sometime,holiday together?We are like practically going on a tour on our own,to Hong Kong,Taiwan,Seoul(Korea),Japan..HAAHAA.Its fasinating to think,really.Putting it to reality will take time man..HAAHAA.Jia you!Holidays!!!
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