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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"Post number #47"
Yo there.

Ended the first structure lesson today and man..

i'm extremely tired.My troat been feeling pretty bad this few days,

believe i'm gonna have sore troat soon.

Hate those troaty sound,make me sound so guy.

I remember celeste once told me that i sound pretty cool in that voice once when i was talking to her on the phone.

..Bet she said that just to make me feel better,i remember i was lamenting miserably to her about my sore troat.

First time falling ill in the whole year.

Pity,thought i could make it through the year without falling ill once.

..But i still did.

Ok,that shows that i'm still human,for robots don't fall ill.

Ok,it doesn't symbolise that those who don't fall ill aren't human.

..i'm contraditing.

oh well.

Manage to find this picture in my endless pile of pictures.

The photo taken at the airport on sunday.

Man,this is what i call pack with fantic girls and crazy..god-knows-what.

I think i took this photo when fahrenheit was stepping out of the gate.

Screaming filled the place,as qingyan commented,it was deafening.

I perfer saying that it would practically shake the celling down.

TSKTSK.it was freaky.HAAHAA.

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