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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"Post number #46"
Structures tomorrow and how i wish i DO NOT have to go back.
Feel so doof.

I was utterly disappointed by my parents today.
They PROMISE that we could go to taiwan for holidays this year and NOW?
"You have already gone to taiwan before and you want to go again?don't waste money lah.."
..i swear i heard my really good feelings drop down with a loud crash and broken into bits.
i hate it.
To make it even worse,the place they wanted to go have simply NOTHING to do other than SCENERIES.
i'm going to die in the trip.
what the hell.

ART is going to kill me soon.
I have to do TWO mindmap,TWO 100-words rational and TEN sketches for ONE topic.
AND to make it TERRIFIC,i have YET to do A SINGLE THING.
I can simply imagine how HE is going to skin me inside-out with his eyes and speech.
"OHH..you know i have talk to your mother right?you want me to talk to her again?maybe face-to-face.."
..how i swear if i could,to kill him with my bare hands.
..ok,thats just..saying.
no harm done.TSK

Went to the Airport with Qingyan and Joyce to see Fahrenheit on saturday.
The place was..WHAO.
Pack with TONS of fantic girls like the Fahrenheit FC who yell and scream now and then.
..Really noisy.
So we were there with Joan and Jaclyn and her friend whom i've yet to realise what's her name.
Ate Macdonald and fiddle round the place till about 2pm.
..They ain't here yet.
The place pack in with even more people..
..They STILL ain't here yet.
The FC people started yelling something really loudly,the girl beside me spatted out something irrtatingly..
..They STILL ain't out yet.
Everyone started snapping photos at the glass plane.Joan and me climbed the railing,qingyan sticking her head out in between us.
..The gate open,they step out.
Everyone screamed.Flashes appeared everywhere.
..They walked EXTREMELY fast.
I couldn't get a photo in the end.I could only say that they are really..tall.
I was standing at the railing bar which is about..my knee length and when Calvin(辰亦儒) walk pass,
i was about the same height as him.
They are REALLY tall.
TSK,felt really weird after they left though.
Damn my phone.
Died on me when they came out.
But oh well,i still see them in the end.
So its ok.
Then went off to Tampaines with the both of them.
Took some neoprints.HAAHAA.Enjoy pretty much about designing them.
HAAHAA.For once,i love the designing part.

Anyway,i'll blog tomorrow.
Don't felt going for choir during the holidays.
But nah,i bet Queenie would kill me though.
That sadist woman.SIGH.
Anyway,see ya.

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