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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"Post number #40"
YO There.
Kinda trying to juggle doing Chinese,recalling what I've being to squash those Chemistry and Biology notes into my brains.Mental Notes: Never try to multi-task.

SIGH.I'm kinda feeling funny and..weird.
Hasn't had a decent conversation with Rachel Tan since..8th of August.The day before she left for Genting.We didn't talk nor sms during that period of time since..her handphone has NO auto-roamming.Then she sms me on sunday night when she came back from Genting and i told her i didn't have my free SMS limits yet and she didn't sms me anymore,nor call me.Maybe i'm not really that use to the peace i'm having without her calling me everyday but yah,its kinda making me..feeling funny and weird.Really.I don't really understand why.Maybe she's my best friend and so-called..UNOFFICAL girlfriend so being her best friend and SUPPOSING boyfriend,not receiving calls from her would be rather..worring.Sigh.Am i worrying too much?Or what else?I don't know.SIGH.

Tomorrow's Chemistry and Biology exams.
I'm so into the mood that I'm gonna flunk ALL my subjects EXCEPT Chinese.SIGH.i'm such terrible woman.SIGH.Just hope my mother wouldn't kill me.I "screwed" my English and Social Study paper so "screwing" up other paper wouldn't be that surprising right?SIGH.Great.By the way,my screwing up the papers are meant FLUNKING them,NOTHING else.Mei Qing,don't think too much with that SCREWING your papers up.Its perfectly fine.She thought too much when she heard herself saying screwing the papers up.It,of course, wouldn't make MUCH logic on how on EARTH you are going to end up on bed with your papers.So ya,CHILL.HAA.

Anyway,talk to Deborah TAN today.Its still quit hard to digest the fact that actually Deborah TAN does ballet though i saw her dance and bound round the Gym.Keita keeps tell us that she misses Gymnastic,HAA.Faith and I,apparently never seems to miss Brownies when we only go for meeting like once after many months.HAA.I seems to only know how to envy how..united their class is when..never in my life did i see any of my class being...united.Really..its like..they have SOOOO many things they could recall and have a good hearty laugh at the foolish things they ever did where else ME,dreadfully,don't wish to recall any.SIGH.i'm pathetic.

Anyway,i'm gonna call Rachel Tan and get the craps out of her.Feeling rather..irritated.SIGH.SEE YA.

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