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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"Post number #38"
Yo there.
Great day right?
...TSK.i'm just being lame.
The whole class been on this,"oh my god,did you watch high school musical yesterday?its damn cool right?"
yes yes,it was LOVELY.Really.Its like one of the best show/musical i've seen other than that..dim sum dollies..

Life is total drag.
CAs are coming and i'm starting to slack already.
What a timely thing i'm doing.
I'm not understanding anything from BIOLOGY and CHEMISTRY which i spent the time,talking about HARRY POTTER and how RON and HERMONIE snogged the hell out of each other(yes yes,they DID kiss the hell out of each other in the book at the LAST few chapters.read the book,its hell lot nicer than anything lately).

Chinese was KILLING.really KILLING.She's like teaching a new chapter every lessons and in a SNAP,before you know,there we are,going to start the EXPRESS chinese TEXT BOOK.GREAT,just GREAT.And i just walk next to her this afternoon,looking like a mad woman after ENGLISH lesson trying to go for my MATHETMATICS class when she look at me with a funny look and questioned about my hair which was sticking out of everywhere underneath my hairband.GREAT.And i was looking half-asleeped,didn't even much notice what she was asking properly and prode her with a 'huh and oh,bye' and walked of like some crazy woman running after something.SIGH.Stress level is getting really HIGH.Maybe one day my mental strain snap and i'll just turn insane.

I hope not.

Ok,went out with merrilyn today.Wanted to get the HIGH SCHOOL MUSCIAL 2 CD's per-ordering but totally forgotten.Then weird thing is when i'm on IMEEM looking for songs and i see all those songs from the soundtrack 2 popping up like its normal.Seriously,am i slow are they are EXTREMELY fast?TSK.I doubt i would ever find out.Maybe i'll be more updated with chinese songs?I never know.

See ya,loves.
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