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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"Post number #36"
YO there.
seriously,i'm EXTREMELY tired.
i bet everyone ♥ me toooooo much that they couldn't stop asking me out.
everyone would kill me now instead.

how can anyone be as THICK as he is?
he is sooooooo in the fault yet..he thinks he is right?
she after all,is your GIRLFRIEND.
not some..pet that you keep.
you,are SUPPOSE to LOVE her,
not make her CRY.
you this imbecile creep that ought to be SIX feet upder the earth than on the SURFACE of the EARTH.
ok,i got that from miss deborah chai but anyway,
you are a TOTAL creep that only knows nothing but yourself~!
i don't even know why she like him.
TSK TSK.anyway,like what the other 2 'concilors' you had,
FOLLOW YOUR HEART~!!!thats the only thing you can do now.

ok,lets talk about something else.
agree?i agree.HAA
i think rachel tan thinks that its boring since..she got stuck with that hazel nut and janice phua-nie phua.RETARDED no#1 and RETARDED no#2.HAAAA.thats for calling me MORON.you cow boobies.
I sooooo love jaslyn's vampire knight's costume,its damnit lovely.HAA.
being nice is one thing,the concilors decided to catch her for her..uniform.HAAA.i bless her.
having to hide EVERYTIME she see them.
Anthea was busy like..endless photograph taking.
HAA.she is cool.Jaslyn keep telling how envy she was with anthea when anthea was busying with her photograph 'sessions'.HAA.
Oh,then Deanna,Ethel and Rozanne came along.that 3 was like..CRAZY.haa.
Ethel didn't like hazel nut,she find her too eccentric for her own good.
Oh oh,heres something that me and Jaslyn find cranky.HAAA.

rozanne:blah blah blah blah..
anthea:no,i'll just..remain as it is.*walks off towards both of our direction*
rozanne:*pull anthea by the side of her right arm to make her face back to herself*can you STOP avoiding the QUESTION?!

Doesn't it sound as like..they are..you ought to understand what i meant.
Its like..as if they are..together.
Jaslyn classific them as..'flirting'
but actually the truth is..

rozanne:have you got the blade fixing?if not try this?its like..made of metal?its at least more real than..wood.
anthea:no,i wanted wood its like..lighter than metal.I want to carry something LIGHTER instead of..metal.
rozanne:but its like..better?
anthea:i perfer to remain as..it is.*walk off towards both our direction*
rozanne:*pull anthea by the side of her right arm to make her face back to herself*can you STOP aviding the QUESTION?!

Alas,this is the REAL version.HAA.how did i know it?because i was with that woman when she notice the shop's persence at the enterance.Making such a big wooha because of this discovery and had to go find anthea and jaslyn who had disappeared like..to god-knows where.TSK.smart.but overall,we took tons of photographs and nots.HAAAAA.funnnnnnnn~~~~!!!!

Anyway,got to go,byeeeeee.
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