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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"Post number #35"
Alas,after such a long time,i FINALLY post.
i know rachel is VERY happy.
as long as i don't torture her with my chinese blog.

EMDD on saturday was fun,really.
i was distinctively found among the crowd in CHOIR.
thanks to my white hairband,NOT.
i felt so stupid.TSK.
anyway,maybe this blog might just go on hiatus for a long time.
i might concentrate more on my OTHER blog instead,or rather,
might not blog.
Need to study.
it seems a little amazing to hear that from my mouth.
but yah,i've decided its time for me to study.
Seeing all those seniors working hard to go to their idea school(oh wait,maybe SOME)makes me feel like doing hard as well.
i know i must have been out of my mind.
i want to get into that course,Audio Visual Technology[AVT],badly.
Its like..a dream of a lifetime.
ok,its not.
But it is to me though.
Anyway,thats not the point.
The point is i get to do all those studio work which is EXTREMELY cool.
Ok,maybe not as cool as being a pyschologist.
There is another course i want to go if i don't get into AVT,which is Pyschology and Communication Services.
Its like..Pyschology,the very thing i wanted to learn about since i was..young.
Yes,pyschology from someone like me.
Its hard to imagine i know.
Seeing Samantha Chan being a pyschologist.
Maybe all the paients in the National Mental Institution are all warded because of me.
I'm demoralizing myself though.
I don't mind going into an art school though.Its like.COOL.
But like how on earth am i going to end up there if i'm gonna like..die everytime i'm in Juraimy's class?
I don't know.
So the chances of me going into an art school is very slim.
i think i shall stuck myself with AVT or Pyschology and Communication Services at Ngee Ann Poly.
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