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"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
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Heyo there.
Its been a long time since i last post..one month?and a few days..hee.got a little lazy this few days.Holidays has arrive and here i am,in my aunt's house,hoping that it has not yet arrive.My godness,i'm been bored to tears EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!ok,maybe not the days when i have to go back to school for choir practices for Mrs tan's niece wedding which is tomorrow and i pratically forgotten what i have practice for the past few days.sigh.life is such a drag.And the worst thing among all,is i DON'T know how to go to the place of event.GREAT.i'm a totally direction-less person.God,save me that i wouldn't end up on some goofy places tomorrow morning.

Last saturday's FAMILY FESTA was something that i would never want to go again.Everything was a poof.really.the day before i went off to celeste house to do the pancakes that we were suppose to sell on saturday and i practically burnt the coconut sugar.great.other than being direction-less,i can't cook as well.lols.i'm pathetic.Then on the actual day itself,me and merrilyn stood at the counter like for..4 hours doing duty that are only meant for 2 hours.Rachel join me standing there.lols.this is really..grr.Went off with rachel half-way through my unoffical duty and saw andrea walking off to the archery station.talk to her for awhile and we went back to the stall just in time when merrilyn wanted to go for the archery station.Then we played.It was really fun.haha.i wouldn't mind to play that again but we,merrilyn,rachel and me are broke.Sigh.

I can't believe in the end,i STILL fail my combine humanities and my ART.I FINALLY pass my LITERATURE and that foul creature decided to FAIL my SOCIAL STUDIES to a grade that was so pathetic.10/50.WHAT THE HELL.I HATE her man.That ugly,old 10000000000000 years foul creature.RAWR.My art failed in a way that i didn't EVEN know how i failed.Great.I did ever thing that i'm suppose to do for the pre work and YET,he failed me.VERY NICE.I love him man.Rawr.

Write another day.i'm too tired to carry on lamenting.
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