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Heyo there.
SYF finally ended beautifully at the Victoria Concert Hall yesterday morning.We sang as what Mr Liew had expected like the dynamics,pitching,expressions and stuffs he had told us ever since Choir camp at 2006 and we DID sound REALLY beautiful from what Mrs Jaleh had said.Haha.I was really happy.Queenie,Seraphine,Rachel,Andrea and Me fool around REALLY loudly in the bus when we're going back.We kept singing out loud and screech round the place.Rachel lim and Grace couldn't stand us,especially me.I was screaming away,practically into their ears.Sorry rachel and grace,i was over the moon that very moment.Then we started playing that "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jag.." and yelled all over the bus at people like..Christine,Anthea,Rozanne,Rachel,Carrie and others.It turn out a little spastic as..everyone agree that they are cookie-thieves.When we step out of the bus,i've realise that..we've been welcome back by..my class.they were standing like..all over the place and celeste was surprise to see me stepping out of the bus.haa.We took the group photographs and yups.candid photographs was cool but yah..I WANT THEM ALL~~!!

We had an hour lunch break after that.Haha.Ate with Andrea noodles and we talk about..anything that came into our mind.We laugh,talk and eat.Haha.After that..we got too lazy to go back to class so we just space around the place till 2.15pm.I begged rachel to get me my bag down for me.haa.Thanks rachel.thats why i always love you.haa.Then i went back to the canteen again with JANICE and yes,saw deborah again and we sorta..abandon janice to rot on her own but by 2 plus,she disappear so yah,i carried on staying with deborah till..late 6 plus in the evening.Saw Keita after that and receive the news of our results.The answer was totally unexpected.We've got a sliver.SLIVER was the least we actually thought we could have got.We got all the expressions that many other choir didn't have,we keep our pitch when other choir went totally pitchy AND we gave dynamics when other choir sang it FLAT?why are we getting ONLY a SLIVER?It seriously made no sense.really.Mrs Jaleh told us to be glad that we've got a gold and yah.I cried when i went home.It was totally unfair.really.

This morning i cried again.The seniors are OFFICALLY stepping down.Though i've been mentally prepared for it but yah,i still cried.It was the worst thing ever on earth.Separation is always sucky.Though i'll get to see them practically everyday,its still different without them in choir.Choir will never be the same to me again without them fooling around,making everyone laugh.Remember people,never forget us the juniors ok? :) Love you all.
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