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heyo there.
My internet's finally working again.Yes,lets blog about some conversation i had from the past 3 days.

Let me see..Ahh..Heres an extract from JASLYN's blog[http://bloodlustgalore.blogspot.com/] about what happen on Saturday.

You know what fangirls are right?
They are listed as #1 Scary anime things that should be avoided.
So these two girls, Rachel and Samantha were talking alot. 75% of it being Anthea. and 20% being Rozanne.
Janice didn't speak most of the time.Probably too shy.
Okay, so i was listening to them and what they think and what they know and what not.
I, giving them some.. uh. New info or just renewing some info.about the people they are ..fanning all over.
Okay, then Janice said like "They wanted you, anthea and rozanne to join the conversation".Okay, so I was.. like.. called anthea and passed the message when she was bathing. She said she would call back.
And she didn't.
Then Rachel called uh.. Rozanne.
For some reason or another, she didn't pick up the phone..
The moment i started becoming 'afraid' or 'freaked out', but still laughing and stuff.
I called for anthea for help.
anthea called Samantha, in the midst of the conversation.
and whatshername.. Rachel. 'disappeared'.

okay, this was what the last part of the original conversation went.

Rachel: My Antheaa!
Me; What, that's it? aren't you suppose to call like antheaa *Anthea joins conversation* Antthea, oh anthea.
Anthea: Jas?
-Most went silent, some laughing-
Me; Anthea?
Anthea; Jas, I have a proposal for you--
Me; Anthea! They missed you!
-Voice beind, but mostly silent-
Anthea: Nevermind, Jas I have a proposal.
Me; huh, again?
Anthea: Yeah, on the count of three, we put down the phone
Me; Okay
*hang up*

Yups.Jaslyn's like spend her time laughing while someone like Rachel,crying.Thanks to a sentence Jaslyn said..

"You know what Anthea?There's a girl in the conversation who keeps calling you 'My Anthea,my anthea'?"

And everyone kept silent while me,kept laughing.Then Anthea shruggled i guess and said this..

"Whoever said that,own up now.."

Then most went silent again and Rachielle disappeared while Janice said the spastic-est answer of the century..

"Ohh..err..Rachel went to the toilet."

Very nice,very VERY nice.Now Anthea would know who that is.Lols.How lovely.
And i got transfered into Sec 2 level by Jaslyn.How great.I know i look Short and Small,but i didn't know that I was THAT small.Whao.

I felt so trash today.I flunk my Social Studies paper.Flunking it big time,7/25.Whao.I still manage to pass my Literature paper.By half a mark.Whao.I'm glad.Hope they would pass my Social Studies in my report book or i'll be REALLY dead.Trashed.Sigh.Meet-the-parents session's this Saturday,spell doom to me.God,save me from all this nonsensical.
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