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"number eight."
Heyo there.Currently sitting infront of my father's laptop,licking the lolipop that Cherie that kind soul gave me for valentines yesterday and just realise that,i hasn't post anything for a soild whole one week.Thats so spastic-ly cool.Oh well nevermind,i shall try ransack my mind for this whole week's event now.I think i'll have lots to post about today.

Yes,its my birthday that day.Lovely,i receive lots of surpise looks from people whom i told them it was my birthday.How lovely of them to forget,ESPECIALLY CELESTE CHENG JING YING.I have known her for 4 years man,4 years and she CAN'T REMEMBER THAT IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY THAT DAY!!!.Lovely.Went out with MERRILYN,QING YAN,QIU YAN and HAZEL to tampines to take neoprints.So happy,i love the neoprints that i took with them. :)

Merrilyn and the others bought me a PRESENT from Mini-Bits too.It was a necklace which i LOVE it lots.Thanks guys,i LOVE you all.

Bought a bunch of flowers in the morning that day.The shop was crowded that morning.Saw Shanice and Shermaine along the way.but yah.Too lazy to call them.Spend a total of like..$26 on roses.Whao.Then had to rush back to school again.Everyone was asking for roses from me.Whao.lols.I had to even promise them their roses like ILI,SAKINAH,CELESTE(She can't have enough of roses even though i ALREADY gave her one.),CLARA,VANESSA,DONNA and on..Then,i receive one from RACHEL TAN,at least she remembers me.hehe.Gave CHERYL ANG one too and she commented that it was the 2nd rose receive in the day.Cool.heh heh.Gave ANDREA one and she ruffled my hair(like usual) in a way of thanking me then she slap me on my cheeks.I bang her head against the light switches.Seraphine teased her and andrea step on my foot.Ouch.

I gave ANTHEA one too.I think she didn't expect one from me though.hehe.I gave ROZANNE one too YET she thank me for it but didn't want to take it away so it ends up with ANTHEA in her waterbottle which i heard the next day during choir,its blooming rather well.Cool,thanks for taking care of the flowers anthea.Rachielle did give anthea one of her roses but yah,and again,anthea didn't say anything about it.All she DID say was..

"Theres a lot difference in the between the flower you gave me and the one she gave me.."

Yes,sorry Rachielle for this really sad news but yah,she still has your number in her phone you know..Stay optimistic women.Think of a glass bottle thats half-filled instead of half-emptied ok?Good girl. :)

Ok,back to Valentine roses,I gave the small little roses to SERAPHINE that small little girl.I think i bought the rose that day during recess since i simply ran out of roses already and i still has a list of people to give.Yups.I was really thinking of giving her one rose but yah,account to the fact that she hasn't been violent to me lately and has been rather..nice and leave me all alone during choir instead of threatening to poke me at the ribs or crushing my fingers to bits and nots.Yups,so i gave her one.heh.

Just wondering something,is andrea FOREVER wanting to eat something?She ate petals of her rose that day after Choir when ME,ANTHEA,ANDREA,QUEENIE,CHRISTINE,ROZANNE stay back for..well,nothing.Pratically because we have NOTHING better to do so yah,and i didn't want to go home so early.Anthea was slamming her hands all over the piano while andrea just hop and idle round the room.Queenie,as usual,she and her maths homework from Mrs Helen Lie.Rozanne..dreaming,occasionally talking to Christine who was playing around the place,doing nothing(Occasionally helping Queenie with her homework.She's a lovely nice woman though she could be REALLY loud from time to time).Andrea needed something to chew on when she saw the roses.Looking at it for awhile,she pull the rose out of the bottle,puck one of the rose petal thats about to fall off from the rose and place it into her mouth when i just realise that..the rose was taken out of the bucket of water filled with other flowers and nots.Hope the water isn't contaminated.Anyway,i stay back with them all the way till..6.30pm?Then went back with Queenie and we did nothing much in her house for awhile when my mother called me and said that my father is cooking so i left Queenie's house and went home instead.lols.What a lovely day.

Okok,it wasn't really THAT sad,a day filled with nothing but boredom.It just expressing my feeling that day,i was feeling extremely bored,plus tired.Got merrilyn and the others as promise,roses.I spend like $30 on roses.Whoa.How spastic-ly cool is that?Unknown.I'm turning broke again lately.How saddist is my mother making me?Cutting my allowance whenever she wants.Oh craps.Sigh.Gave ILI,CLARA,YUEN CHING,DONNA,and KYLA their roses,then everyone came requesting for the rose that i 'promise' them.I don't even remember i did promise so many people.Conclusion made this year for Valentines,people can be desperate for Valentine Roses.

Lessons was such a bore today.I didn't know how on earth i made through it.Mr Juraimy looked at everyone's art work that day.He can even tell that i did mix the colours of the painting but i didn't blend it well though.Anyway,thats something.For homework he gave that funny fish art piece to be done by the next day which is the CNY celebrations.Can't he ever let us slack for once?Its the holidays~~We need to rest too~~~Grr.Went for recess with Celeste.She left me to queue for food while she,sitting down there,happy chatting away with VANESE and company about god-knows-what.I swear i'll never help her get her food again.Wanted JERMAINE to help me buy but yah,she didn't seems to heard what i said so i gave up and queue quietly behind ethel who happen to be around.She poke my forehead for cutting her queue.Geez,sorry lady.By the way,that poke hurts,a little.

Choir was fun,again.I can never ever get tired of Choir because they rocks.Yes.Seraphine was lovingly quiet that day.I thought she was having some bad mood swing or something but actually,it turn out that she had not really anyone to talk to and she was too busy drawing away on stuffs.She did my name up too.Thanks woman.Mr Liew didn't do any audition during choir at all.He was too busy trying to get the songs done properly.The Sop 1 was singing nonsence again,like what Mr Liew said.Poor Sop 1 has to sing the same verse over and over again just to get the pitch Mr Liew wanted.So yah,good luck.

And again,like the day before,i stay back with QUEENIE,ANDREA,ANTHEA,ROZANNE,CHRISTINE,ETHEL and CLARE EE in the music room,loitoring round the place,doing NOTHING much.Yet after awhile,Clare and gang decided to leave the place,going for their band practice.I wanted to see yet,its not in school.How great.So in the end,i'm left with ANDREA and QUEENIE.Rozanne decided to leave alone.Sad.Queenie left soon after that so yah,i'm left with that dementalish Andrea whose happily eatting her lolipop,playing the piano.She could play really well,unlike me who simply sucks in my playing.So we stayed like that till Mr Sim decided to chase us out of the music room into the foyer thats strinks.Then we talked till Andrea's father came along to fetch her home.Sigh.Bored.

Brought the plates for the class today just to realise that nearly everyone brought snacks.So whao.The plates went to 302 who DIDN'T brought plates.lols.Thats so wonderfull.In the end,i took a packet drink and a packet of chips and ran off,hopping into everyone's classroom to 'visit' them(the real reason:I'm hungry and i NEEDED food.).Saw Queenie taking care of a kiddo,she looks very loving.Then i went up to 204 to look for Rachielle tan who then told me a sickening news.She can't pay me back the money for that 3 packs of potato chips that i help her buy.Man,how i feel like killing her.Then i hop into my ex classroom,202 just to see JANICE PHUA who then followed me everywhere i went,i mean,every class i went.Rozanne thought she was my stalker after seeing her with me for 3 times around the place.How irony is someone playing 'hey samantha' and 'hey samantha' back when i'm like standing infront of them who isn't realizing that i'm too,named Samantha?Rozanne was having fun telling them my name when they realise that there is another Samantha standing infront of them.The 'Samanthas' reunion.lols.Samantha CHAN,Samantha TAN,Samantha LUI.Whao.

I finally handed in the Art work assgined by Mr Juraimy after having to do the Art work with Claudine at her house at 9.30pm in the night.He BETTER give me high marks for slogging my sleeping time on this Art work.

Just another day to CNY,and i FINALLY gotten my shoes.Lols.It looks weird but yah,i love it.Small little heels.Heh.Got to go already,my saddistic father has came to chase me to sleep.Bye~~

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