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What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
#justFYI some blog entry are private for some reasons. Though this is a bloody mundane blog and there isn't much to read but if I hadn't told you the password before, it means that you are either not that close to me or i am obviously talking about you. Other than that, hello. And bye.
Feel free to hop off, I don't mind. Remember to come back from tea someday~
"The Doctor's darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further."
"number one."
Okok.so i simply emptied my entire blog post.all empty.got this sudden feeling of starting my blog flesh and new and then my fingers got worked up and place themselves on to the mouse and click click here click click there and now..its empty.Whao.Looks lovely.Hahas.This few days been looking at books and stuff.Man,i've never had such a boring week ever.Gosh,this kind of boredom is seriously intruding my life,go away man.

Countdown to Adventure camp: 3 days.
Man,how seriously am i regreting of agreeing to going to the camp.I heard that its gonna be the worst thing ever.Walking 1/2 of the journey to the Camp can seriously decrease the entru for the camp in me.This is really lame.How i wish it would rain that day so i wouldn't need to work to the camp.That would be the best thing ever happen in my 15-years of life.My partner is gonna be Miss Celeste Cheng,my darling friend since primary 6,which is about 4 years ago but yah,we are STILL best friend.I was told that she wants to bring Snacks and sweets to the campsite to eat at night.Wonder hows she gonna to bring all that on monday when our bag is freaking big?Ok,thats her buiness.I feel like bring the big black nike bag thats lying very lonely at the top of my brother's cupboard.It look big enough to fill all i'm gonna bring.Thats good cause i don't have to carry anything on my hand yet it could be bad because my shoulders will ache after awhile for its to heavy for my shoulders.Like how rozanne nearly fall with her heavy nike bag dragging her.(That was during Choir Camp when we were about to go down to prepare for the concert.)Nevermind,lets talk about something else,I was flipping through my photos yeasterday when i came across with all this...

This is taken during EMDD '06 which its existance is totally unknown to Rachel till today when i went up to her class to look for her.Yups.She was totally amaze by it.Thanks to my perfect photo-taking that made them look so perfect.yes.I love both of their eyes,look so shiny.Somebody even said that Rachielle look hot in that photo.Yes,even thought it wasn't talking about me,i'm still flattered because the photo was taken by me.Yes,thank you,thank you.
This made me and rozanne look plum on the face.lols.I still didn't understand why did Rachel said that both of us look alike and i couldn't find a single trait in both of us that are alike.She's werid,but nevermind.I'll still thank her for that.This was so funny.I took it down during the Choir practice on thursday.Practically all seniors(except for Clare Ee and Chirstine for part-time) are slacking and the juniors are practicing the SFY songs.Yes,thats really unfair to the juniors who have to pratice the song without any break.Its tiring i know..but yah,that would help you to get into SYF Choir school team.Carrie,Rozanne,Chirstine(when she sneaks over to fool around) and Anthea keeps taking the marker to draw all over the board while me and Andrea just enjoy the laughing sessions.We keep laughing when Carrie drew the head with the neck REALLY tiny.Andrea commented that it look like a head on a satay-stick.Haha.Accidently kicked Rozanne on the leg in the later part when she was drawing and i receive a sound slap on my leg.Ouch,it hurts.
Look at how she look.Don't she look like a manic killer on the loose?Just replace the red marker with a shiny,long knife and you will feel that she looks like one.Yes.Anyway even Mrs Jallen says that Andrea is demental so yah,no offend to you dear Andrea.Actually,she looked more scarier the day before this picture was taken which is during the operational cluedo.I think she was suppose to the one who scares everyone away bah?Yups,no ideal.All i know is that she is REALLY freaking scary.Maybe because me and Wyinnie was the FIRST to realise their station and got freak out by her immediately.Fidelia and her younger sister even cried.Yet,they laugh when we ran away,screaming.Evil devils.

I like this shot the most yet..its BLURRED.What the craps.Hais.Anyway,i find Cheryl a really nice person.Just didn't understand why people dislike her.Hais.Anyway,she doesn't look like those who ACTUALLY have body pericing right?Yet she does.What the.
Yups.heres all the photo that i love or like or find it hilarious.Haha.Its really stupid.hehe.Anyway,got to go liao.My brother's coming back from his friend's house soon.Have to sneak away beofre he realise that i've played the computer.Hais.He simply love torturing me with my limited time in playing the computer.What an evil child.Anyway,bye~~
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