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Heyo there.
For the past few days,the internet on this lovable,old dinosaur computer had decided to die on me.
I swear a day i'll throw it down the rubbish bump.

Ok,i..shall chill.
Let me tell a story then while WAITING for my dinosuar to load all my OTHER wedpages.
Ok,so lets start.

Once upon a time..there lived-

wait,its too boring,lets get to the point before i fall asleep typing.

Ok,so there lived this girl who has a set of loving parents who thought what was best for her is to train her into a maid,a good ol' brother who seems more concern of the egg thats going to be cooked by her sister than anything else and a dear unoffical girlfriend who make it a point in spitting her supposing boyfriend in whatever she is going to do or is doing.Though everyone envys and felt jealous of her,she admitted this point:

she actually lived a tragedy-ly pathetic life.

Like for example,lets backtrack till..yesterday[everything shall be in her point of view]:

And again.Like many other days in her 15 years of life,there she stood,infront of the stove in her green kitchen that her goof friend,janice phua shu ying hated lots,waiting for the oil in the pan to heat up.Like usual,her brother had decided to do the same like their parents,calling his sister to do the cooking of an egg for him while,he shall sit there,enjoying the air-rconditional in his room escaping from the scroching sun and watch his favourite anime series over again and again in the ACER laptop their mother had bought(he claim it to be his which seems doubtable since their mother had place orders that he is forbidden to use the laptop till she permits.).Like many knows and fears,she,samantha,can't cook to save herself.Taking examples from incidents that happen in the school home economics room.It was a close shave that she didn't burnt the whole kitchen down.Thanks to the invention of fire extingustes.

Walloping in her own guilt and sadness,she accidently pour in the egg content into the pan too quickly,cause the oil to splatter out and hit her hands,cause blots of red swelling on her hand.Quickly turning to the tap,she place her hands under the running tap.Knowing her accident-proness,her parents had gotten her to a first-aid course where she learnt all the tehniques in how to at least save herself if an accident where to happen again.Cursing her own stupidness,a wiff of burn smell swift pass her nose when the memory of herself placing the egg into the pan struck her.Quickly turning back to the pan,she scooped up the egg that was about to burn on the plate that she had prepared earlier on but looking at the pan,she sigh.Handing the egg to her brother that look utterly disgusted by the state of his egg,she held the pan and started scraping the overly burnt egg remain that glued itself on the pan like some irritating pest.An hour pass after that when her brother came over to the kitchen to get his usual can of peach tea,he isn't really surpirse that his sister is still scraping the egg remains on the pan,groaning in fustration about the remains that stubbornly refuse to get off.
Sigh.how tragedy-ly pathetic can she ever get?She doesn't know.All that she knows is she had a chore to do while her brother sit infront of the laptop again,watching his favourite anime series and playing his favourite online game and remain relax for the rest of the day while his sister slog like some sad,tragedy maid.
Shall wish her all..the best.
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